4-year-old checks out future colleges

When she saw Andy go off to college in Toy Story 3, four-year-old Alexa Mosley starting thinking about her college future, reports the Quincy Herald-Whig in Illinois.

She’s already toured John Wood Community College, where she met with the college’s president, John Letts.

“I want to be a ballerina teacher,” Alexa told Letts during their meeting.

“The big picture is very important, pre-planning is very important,” Letts told Alexa’s parents and grandmother. “She’s a smart little girl and let’s hope we can keep her interested for the next 14 years.”

Inspired by Alexa’s interest, JWCC will host a series of “Kids on Campus” events for elementary students and their parents.

Children will be able to tour the campus with their parents, meet Letts and learn about future careers . . . Students will be able to get inside a fire truck, police car, honk the horn of a semi-truck and learn how to take blood pressure with the help of JWCC faculty and students.

Parents will learn about scholarships, financial aid and saving for college.