California transfer reform goes slowly

California streamlined community college transfers two years ago, but progress has been uneven, concludes Meeting Compliance — Missing the Mark by the Campaign for College Opportunity.

As a result of the new state law, a state committee developed a  framework of coursework for 25 majors that account for 79 percent of transfers.  Each community college is supposed to use the framework to create  pathways to associate transfer degrees in specific majors; the California State University system is supposed to these degrees as equivalent to two years of CSU coursework.

Eighteen community colleges have adopted nine to 18 associate degrees for transfer, while 49 colleges have approved two to four degrees, just meeting the minimum set by the chancellor’s office.

Only four of 23 California State University campuses have approved all the transfer majors as equivalent to CSU coursework. While 20 have  accepted at least 80 percent of the degree pathways. “However, a deeper analysis shows that 10 CSU campuses have deemed fewer than 70 percent of the degree options within the 20 majors as available” to transfer students.