Higher Education

Open-source textbooks lower costs

Free “open-source” textbooks are lowering students’ costs at Tidewater Community College in Virginia, writes Laura M. Colarusso for Hechinger Report. Tidewater’s “Z Degree” program guarantees “zero cost” for learning materials, which can cost students’ more than tuition at community colleges. The cost of new printed textbooks continue to rise—up more than 7 percent last year alone, according […]


Skills are better than degrees, say workers

When it comes to career advancement, skills training is more important than a college degree, say workers who responded to Glassdoor’s Q2 2014 Employment Confidence Survey. “While education is still valued as one piece of the puzzle for a successful career, we’re seeing a shift in the workplace,” said Rusty Rueff, a Glassdoor career and workplace […]


College costs go up, up and away

College tuition has increased by 1,225 percent since 1978, according to Bloomberg News. In that time, medical costs rose 634 percent and the consumer price index increased by 279 percent.


40% of transfers lose all credits

Nearly 40 percent of transfer students get no credit for the courses they’ve already completed, according to a new federal study by the National Center for Education Statistics. On average, they lost 27 credits, nearly a full year of college. The average transfer student lost 13 credits. Transfer is common. Of more than 18,000 students who […]


White House plans new college summit

The White House will host a second College Opportunity Summit on Dec 4.  The meeting will focus on encouraging first-generation, low-income and minority students to enroll in college, persist and earn degrees. Community colleges, which received little attention in the first summit in January, have been the focus of attention by the Obama administration. Education […]


Higher ed a la carte

Should students loans be available for job training?Accreditation is a higher ed cartel, argues Sen. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, on The Federalist. He proposes letting states accredit alternative postsecondary programs, such as job training, apprenticeships, hybrid on-campus/on-the-job models and distance-learning options. People seeking skills — but not necessarily a degree — could assemble the education […]


Illinois: CCs hope to add 4-year degrees

Illinois community college leaders tried to add four-year degrees eight years ago, reports The Southern. Now they’re trying again, arguing that offering four-year degrees at two-year colleges will enhance access and affordability. Robert L. Breuder, president of College of DuPage, is leading the campaign. “We spend time, money and effort recruiting and retaining students and […]


Vets choose for-profits over public options

Thirty-one percent of military veterans enrolled in for-profit colleges in 2012, up from 23 percent three years earlier. Only 50 percent chose public colleges, down from 62 percent. For-profit colleges use aggressive marketing to lure vets — and their generous GI Bill funding — complains Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin a new report. For-profit colleges received $1.7 billion […]


Dodge CC will merge with state university

Dodge City Community College will merge with Fort Hayes State University to create a joint campus in Dodge City. DCCC employees will become FHSU employees. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has endorsed the merger, reports the Dodge City Daily Globe. “I think this is a fabulous marriage, putting together Fort Hays State and Dodge City,” said […]


‘Summer melt’ may claim 40% of first-gen students

As many as 20 percent of high school graduates give up their college plans in the months after graduation, according to an upcoming book, Summer Melt: Supporting Low-Income Students Through the Transition to College. It’s even worse for low-income, first-generation students, writes Jay Mathews in the Washington Post. As many as 40 percent “melt” away […]