K-12 Education

Colleges start remediation in high school

When William Penn High graduates go on to Harrisburg Area Community College‘s York (Pennsylvania) campus, 92 percent place into remedial reading and 100 percent require remedial math. “These kids are scoring in the lowest developmental levels that we have,” said Dean Marjorie A. Mattis at the American Association of Community College convention. So, this year, 12th graders are […]


Remedial ed ban forces readiness push

Connecticut’s ban on no-credit remedial courses goes into effect this fall. Community colleges and school districts are working to prepare students for college-level classes, reports WNPR News. Students who are too far behind to take college-level classes, even with extra support, will go into college-readiness “transitional” programs.  Some community colleges are offering intensive two- to five-week math and […]


Is college worth it for C students?

When Is College Worth It? asks Robert VerBruggen on RealClear Politics. Using the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, he compares ability, as measured by the IQ-like ASVAB, education and income. Going farther in school usually improves earnings at each ability decile, but ability matters too. There are a few surprises. Why do 30th decile people with a […]


Stop pretending college is for everyone

College isn’t for everyone, writes Mike Petrilli on Slate. So let’s stop pretending it is. All students — regardless of their academic or “soft skills” — are told that college is the only path to a decent job, he writes. But low-skilled students are set up for “almost certain failure,” Petrilli argues. They need “high-quality […]


Louisiana Jump Starts career tech ed

Louisiana’s Jump Start plan will revamp career technical education, reports the Baton Rouge Advocate. High schools, community colleges and employers will form regional teams to create courses and orkplace training for 11th and 12th graders. Jump Start students will split their day between traditional courses and vocational training. They will have a chance to earn a ” career diploma” […]


Not ready for college: Will Common Core help?

Washington state hopes the switch to Common Core standards will cut the college remediation rate, reports the Seattle Times. A majority of community college students fail college placement tests, especially in math. The new standards claim to prepare students for college and careers. The Washington Student Achievement Council, a new state agency, wants to test 11th […]


Career-tech dual enrollment shows promise

Dual enrollment courses with a career tech focus are drawing more students, according to an Education Commission for the States report. The trend should help states meet college completion and workforce goals, the report said. Studies show CTE dual enrollment students are more likely to graduate high school, enroll in a four-year college or university […]


Scholarship promise raises blacks’ grades

Black students raised their grades significantly when they were promised college scholarships, concludes an Education Next report on the Kalamazoo Promise. Public school graduates in Kalamazoo, Michigan are guaranteed a full scholarship to any public college or university in the state. Once in college, they must maintain a 2.0 average to keep receiving the scholarship. The Promise […]


High school dropouts try college

Dropouts are trying to finish high school at community college, reports Northeast Ohio Public Radio. Owens Community College staffer Michelle Atkinson hands out “Eleven Commandments” to Gateway to College students. Included are: “Never miss class, pay attention in class, pretend you’re interested even when you’re not.” Gateway to College, a national program, gives high-risk students a second […]


‘Transitional’ courses boost college readiness

Colleges spend nearly $7 billion a year on remedial education, according to federal data.  Eight states — and many school districts — are offering  “transitional” math and English courses to help students catch up and avoid remediation in college, reports Education Week.  Seventy percent of Tennessee high school graduates place into remedial math in college. Only […]