89% of students use a laptop

Eighty-nine percent of college students use a laptop, note book or Chromebook for their school work, according to the Pearson Mobile Device Survey. Fifty-six percent use a smart phone and 33 percent a tablet. Smart phone ownership is rising: 84 percent of college students now own one. The vast majority agree that tablets will encourage […]


Prize rewards tech solutions to boost success

The Robin Hood College Success Prize will reward innovative use of technology to help community college students complete a degree, writes Michael M. Weinstein, who leads the poverty-fighting Robin Hood Foundation. “Graduation will break the cycle of poverty.” Nearly 70 percent of students entering community college are placed in remedial courses, where they waste time and […]


The answers are online

Community colleges are using technology to provide information and advice to students, reports Community College Daily. Providing online sites and videos is much cheaper than hiring more counselors. At Foothill College, in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, students go online to answer most of their questions. That means time with an advisor can focus […]


Report: California is losing higher ed edge

California is losing its higher education edge, warns a new report.  State universities and community colleges must be redesigned to produce the educated workers the economy needs, said Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who commissioned the report. The percentage of young adults earning associate and bachelor’s degrees in California already is below the U.S. average, warns […]


Confused? Your computer may sense it

Computers can monitor students’ facial expressions and evaluate their engagement or frustration, according to North Carolina State researchers. That could help teachers track students’ understanding in real time, notes MIT Technology Review. Perhaps it could even help massively open online courses (or MOOCs), which can involve many thousands of students working remotely, to be more attuned […]


Tribal college revives Comanche language

Comanche Nation College in Oklahoma is using technology to teach the Comanche language, reports  the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Tribal elders helped professors create a digital archive of the dying language. Only 25 people speak Comanche, down from 15,000 in the late 1800s. “Every time an elder dies, one more of our speakers is gone,” […]


From GED to PhD

Krista M. LeBrun dropped out of high school in ninth grade, earned a GED at 17 — and kept on going, she writes in a Community College Week commentary. Tired of of being treated as a loser, LeBrun went to Meridian Community College (Mississippi), where Browning Rochefort, then director of adult education, “looked at me as though […]


Technology aids disabled ‘middle college’ students

Technology is helping high school students with learning disabilities take college courses, writes Michael Yudin,acting assistant secretary for the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services at the U.S. Department of Education. In the heart of Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara Unified School District and Mission College have created Mission Middle College to enable students to earn […]


Many choices, little guidance

Community college students have many choices and little guidance in setting academic or career goals, concludes a Community College Research Center study. “Offering students multiple course and degree options, major choices, and course delivery methods—though intellectually appealing—may overwhelm students, create barriers to their success, and contribute to their ultimate failure,” write researchers Shanna Smith Jaggars and Jeffrey Fletcher. Community […]


Hackers vie for cybersecurity training

Would-be cyber-warriors are competing for spots in a cybersecurity training program at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, reports Community College Times. More than 600 people registered for the Governor’s CyberChallenge, a competition that tests participants on networking, system administration, operating systems and their ability to be “cyber warriors.”  After the competition ends on March 23, […]