CC students get research opportunities

Community college students planning to go on to a four-year science degree will have the chance to work on research projects in university labs, reports Community College Times.

Fifty research universities will use the grants awarded through Howard Hughes Medical Institute to develop creative, research-based courses and curricula, give more students vital experience working in the lab and improve science teaching from elementary school through college.

Georgetown University will collaborate with Montgomery College in Maryland to offer an introductory science class followed by a summer working in research labs at Georgetown, sharing apartments with the university’s undergraduate research scholars and discussing science at evening “salons.”  Mentors will encourage Montgomery students to apply to four-year colleges and consider research careers.

At UC-Davis, community college students who plan to transfer to the university will have the opportunity to do undergraduate research, meet faculty and Davis students, “receive mentoring and get an intensive lab experience.”  Some also will work in biology labs for 10 weeks in the summer.

It sounds like a great deal for students.