3 ideas to improve higher ed

Give low-income college students a free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch, proposes Sara Goldrick-Rab. Ending “food insecurity” would boost student success, argues the University of Wisconsin professor. It’s one of her “three radical ideas” for improving higher education on Education Optimists.

Her second idea is to make teaching — not research — a priority in public higher education. All new hires should have teaching experience and earn professional development credits every two years, she proposes.

Idea #3 is to “focus funding where it can do the most good.”

The fewest dollars flow to the neediest students.  Per student spending of about $6,000 in community colleges is a travesty.

. . . Require that all states receiving any Title IV financial aid maintain adequate per-student spending at their community colleges. Base this on appropriate adequacy funding studies done by state.

Technological strategies to help disadvantaged students succeed are “tinkering towards utopia,” concludes Goldrick-Rab, a professor of education policy and sociology.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON September 24, 2013

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