Alabama colleges hire phony PhDs

The president of an Alabama community college holds a diploma-mill PhD asserts Dumb in Alabama: College Presidents Have Diploma Mill Degrees in The American Reporter.  According to Richard Hardin, a researcher for of Alabama Cooperative for Public Education, Bishop State‘s president, James Lowe, Jr., holds a PhD from San Francisco Technical University, an unaccredited school.

Academic deans also lack academic qualifications: Latitia McCane, dean of Instructional Services at Bishop State, claims a PhD from Lacrosse University and  Bruce E. Gearhart, director of Educational Talent Search at  Trenholm State, holds a PhD from Columbia Pacific UniversityAll are notorious diploma mills that lack accreditation, Hardin writes.

A 2008 Alabama law requires college employees to hold credentials from “duly accredited institutions,” but state officials have not investigated reports of ineligible college employees, Hardin charges.


POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON August 21, 2011

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