Arizona: CCs have 18.2% completion rate

Arizona’s community colleges are drop-out factories, charges Matthew Ladner of the Goldwater Institute. The average three-year completion rate for full-time students is 18.2 percent.

Rio Salado College, a pioneer in online learning, boasts a 45 percent completion rate; at the second-ranking college, only 26 percent of full-time students complete a credential or degree in three years.

Florida community colleges do much better than Arizona’s two-year schools, Ladner points out.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON October 21, 2010

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And absolutely no indication of where he got the data from. Just throwing out numbers. How is he defining “completion”? Does this include folks who are earning sub-AA certificates? Does this account for folks who transferred to a 4-year institution? No, he’s just tossing numbers out hoping they’ll stick.

Sorry, but a little citation would be useful in Ladner’s piece – the Goldwater Institute isn’t exactly a sterling example of unbiased research. And Ladner’s background in this field is … school choice?

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