CC goals: Batting .300 is OK in baseball

Let’s proclaim .300 the target community college completion rate, writes Wick Sloane, a community college instructor, in Inside Higher Ed. It’s good enough for baseball.

He doesn’t really think graduating 30 percent of students is good enough: Sloane wants “completion-rate targets reflecting the difficulty of the job,”  as shown below.


Completion rate

Current, We, The People Plan: Pell Grant cuts continue. Veterans flood into community colleges with no additional support for the colleges. No national leadership by or for community colleges.

.300 and falling

Federal free and reduced lunch and breakfast extended to college students on federal Pell Grants.


Students paid to study under same conditions as federal work study.  Click here for details.


Requirement that federal Pell Grants must first be applied to achieving AP/college-level work in expository writing and in statistics.


The federal government pays for trained veteran counselors, one for every 50 veterans on a campus.  Counselors will help with benefits, career advice, and medical management.


Equal federal subsidies, need-based, for all U.S. college students.

Federal subsidies at community colleges per student equal to subsidies at colleges such as Williams with indoor golf nets, faculty teaching 2-5 courses a year rather than 5 per semester, and the same Alice Waters inspired dining-hall food from the Yale Sustainability Project.


POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON July 30, 2012

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