CC STEM faculties reach gender balance

Women make up nearly half of STEM faculty at community colleges, compared to one third at four-year institutions, according to Inside Higher Ed.  Women in STEM faculty positions at community colleges are happy, concludes an Ohio University research team.

“These women are happy, they have pay equity, and there are more of them than at four-year colleges,” said Cynthia Anderson, associate professor of sociology and anthropology at Ohio.

Only 20 percent of the women had doctorates.

When asked about time pressures, the women at community colleges were quick to reject suggestions that their sector makes their jobs easy. They generally have teaching loads twice those of their colleagues at research universities or liberal arts colleges. And their students have high expectations about contact with professors.

“An extraordinary number of the women” were teaching in the communities where they’d grown up, the Ohio study found.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON September 5, 2011

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