CCs worry about guns on campus

Guns on campus worry college officials, reports Community College Times. More states are letting students apply for permits to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Colleges are adopting different policies said Ada Meloy, attorney for the American Council on Education, and J.P. Sherry, general counsel for the Los Rios Community College District in California,  at the Community College Conference on Legal Issues at Valencia College (Florida).

Utah and Mississippi allow concealed weapons on college campuses, as long as the carrier has a permit. Conversely, 20 states, including Florida, currently prohibit guns on public college campuses, even for people with concealed weapons permits.

In “empty holster protests” in several states, students have demanded the right to carry guns for self-defense. “This problem is not going to go away,” Meloy said. “It’s only going to get bigger.”

Arizona is debating a bill that would let adults with permits carry guns on state university and community college campuses.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON March 6, 2012

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