Chicago faculty union OKs performance pay

Unionized professors and staff at City Colleges of Chicago have agreed to performance pay, reports Inside Higher Ed.  Instead of receiving annual “step” increases for seniority,  faculty members could earn bonuses based on student outcomes, such as graduation and transfer rates, remedial students who go on to college-level courses and graduates’ earnings and employment rates.

The bonuses won’t be linked to individual performance. If the district reaches it goals, all faculty members will receive more money. “We’re calling it student success pay. It’s a group incentive,” said Laurent Pernot, vice chancellor for institutional advancement.

The American Federation of Teachers represents nearly 1,500 full-time professors and professional staff at the seven colleges.

The contract was passed with the support of 72 percent of voting faculty members and 80 percent of professional staff members. But many faculty leaders opposed the deal and the union leaders at two of the system’s campuses recommended that members vote no.

. . . While a spokesman for the college system spoke about how the contract de-emphasized seniority in favor of accountability, a spokesman for the union insisted that key protections for seniority remained.

A joint faculty-administration committee will discuss ways to set “meaningful but achievable” goals, said Pernot. For example, one goal is to double the three-year graduation rate in five years, going from 10 percent to 20 percent.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON September 7, 2012

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Delia Scharpou

CCC is corrupt. SURS pensions of full-time faculty at CCC are outrageous. Union leaders have raped the Illinois taxpayers. Do not send your kids to CCC. There are better alternatives. Graduation rate is a disgrace.

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