Choking attack treated as harassment

A male student at St. Louis Community College at Meramec hid in a women’s restroom and choked a female student who happened to come in. Her screams alerted an instructor, who called campus police. But Jevon Mallory, 18, was released a few hours later, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The college assigned a sexual harassment counselor to interview Blythe Grupe, 19, and Mallory, who said he didn’t know the victim but was trying to “withdraw her from life.” Still, nothing happened. Finally, Grupe went to the media and Mallory was arrested again and charged with felony assault.

The case was bungled, endangering students, concludes a scathing report on the April 18 attack.

“The mischaracterization and mishandling (of the incident) … was due to a system-wide failure of campus and district law enforcement, administration and communications,” alleges the report, by a law firm hired by the college trustees.

That “resulted in an unnecessary threat to the campus from an individual who should have remained in custody rather than being allowed to roam free after the commission of a major felony,” the report says

The college has announced that Meramec Campus Police Chief Paul Banta, Community College District Chief of Police Robert Stewart and Vice President of Student Affairs Linden Crawford “are no longer in their prior positions.”

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON August 22, 2013

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[…] Caught choking a female student in a women’s restroom at St. Louis Community College in Meramec, a male student was released by campus police a few hours later. Jevon Mallory told a sexual harassment counselor he didn’t know the victim but was trying to “withdraw her from life.” Only when the victim went to the media was Mallory arrested and charged with felony assault. […]

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