Colorado colleges boost remedial success rate

Colorado community colleges are getting better at advancing remedial students to college-level classes, concludes the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. However, more high school graduates require remediation.

Arapahoe Community College has boosted retention rates by 11 percent,  reports the Denver Post.

. . .  students who are not ready to take college-level math take remedial classes at their own pace in a flex-format program. They use the computer lab on their own time and can move through assignments and tests alone or with help of tutors or lab staff trained to teach the math skills.

The college is creating flex-format courses for remedial reading and writing courses.

Morgan Community College, which retains 59.6 percent of remedial students, had the highest retention rate among the state’s community colleges.  The college blended two remedial math classes into one and added tests to monitor students’ progress.

Statewide, remedial students are more likely to pass their classes and return for another year of community college, the report found.
But more Colorado high school graduates need remediation at state colleges and universities. Overall, 31.8 percent of Colorado’s 2011 graduates who enrolled in in-state schools tested below college level, up from 28.6 percent the year before. That reflects a 58.2 percent remediation rate for new community college students, 20.5 percent at four-year schools.


POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON February 20, 2012

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