‘Crazy College of Qatar’

Houston Community College helped open the first community college campus in Qatar, but the project has struggled with “disagreements over accreditation, high faculty turnover and growing worries that the dean hired by the Qataris to lead the effort was working against” HCC, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Enrollment has reached 750 students — with males and females taught separately — but students have not received HCC credits as originally promised. At this point, students can’t use their coursework to transfer to the six U.S. universities with Qatar campuses, though months of student protests forced a deal that will let community college graduates transfer to Qatar University.

Things were so bad last spring an HCC administrator in Qatar wrote HCC Chancellor Mary Spangler that Community College of Qatar, or CCQ, had become known as “the Crazy College of Qatar.”

HCC projects a $4.6 million profit from the Qatar contract by 2015. So far, the college has made $640,034 from the deal.

HCC , one of the nation’s largest community college systems, also has been involved in projects in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON February 7, 2012

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