July 2010

Students fail no-calculator math

Failure rates are very high for community college students who start in remedial or low-level math classes, writes Community College Dean. Students who struggle with math are likely to drop out;  remedial English students are more persistent.  A remedial math instructor blames calculator dependency:  High schools let students use calculators; the college does not. :The […]


Bowling for ethics

A team from Montgomery College in Maryland won the seventh annual Community College Ethics Bowl this year, reports Community College Times. Teams spend months discussing the ethical implications of a list of topics, not knowing which one they’ll draw. The topics were: punishing teenager “sexting” as child pornography; testing virtue by deception; using cognitive enhancement […]


California budget delay hurts colleges

California community colleges won’t get $155 million promised until the state budget, already a month overdue, is passed. The cost of borrowing will force colleges to cut another 1,200 classes, according to Scott Lay, president of the Community College League of California.


Nursing programs admit best students

With very high demand for nursing training, some community colleges are admitting only the best students instead of using wait lists or lotteries, reports Inside Higher Ed. That’s increasing graduation rates. Southern State Community College in Ohio will use grades and entrance exam scores to admit nursing students. Currently, students with a minimum 2.5 GPA […]


Wake Tech listens to employees

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Great Colleges to Work For includes Wake Tech Community College in North Carolina, where employees say the administration listens when they propose problem-solving ideas. Wake Tech’s president, Stephen Scott, believes “the president needs to focus on the employees, and they can then focus on the students.” . . . when […]


The tenure/adjunct dialectic

To end the exploitation of adjuncts, get rid of tenure, writes Community College Dean in response to a New York Times’ Room for Debate on tenure. The cost of tenure goes far beyond the salary of the tenured. It includes the opportunity cost of more productive uses that had to be skipped to pay for […]


CC loses free speech suit

Three years after firing an adjunct professor for discussing whether sexual orientation is inherited in her Human Heredity class, San Jose-Evergreen Valley Community College District has paid June Sheldon $100,000 to drop her First Amendment lawsuit, reports the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). In the summer of 2007,  a student asked Sheldon to comment on the […]


What’s the for-profits’ future?

Reining In For-Profit Higher Education, a discussion of the proposed limits on student loans for high-cost for-profit colleges, is set for Friday, July 30 from 11 am to 12:30 p.m. at the New America Foundation, 1899 L St NW, Suite 400 in Washington, DC. The foundation’s policy blog, Higher Ed Watch,  has invited: James Kvaal, […]


Fewer Latinos pick 4-year colleges

Latino students are the most likely to choose community colleges rather than four-year schools, according to an analysis of federal data by the Pew Hispanic Center.  Students who start at a community college are much less likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than those who start at a four-year college or university. From Education Week: Nationwide, 48 […]


How to raise completion rates

Poor academic preparation and inadequate information on financial aid and finding the right college match are responsible for low college completion rates, concludes a Grantmakers for Education report, From Access to Success: A Funders Guide to Ensuring More Americans Earn Postsecondary Degrees (pdf). In addition, colleges don’t stress completion or collect data to identify students who need […]


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