October 2010

Brooding with Superman

He’s still super, but he’s not happy about it. DC Comics’ new Superman is a sullen, brooding and angst-ridden 20-year-old who prefers a hoodie to a cape. Also his eyes glow. A new 130-page graphic novel restarts the Superman story as the Youth of Steel graduates from Smallville Junior College and heads to a grittied-up […]


New regulations limit for-profit colleges

New federal regulations aimed for-profit colleges will ban paying recruiters by how many students they sign up and will try to define a credit hour, reports AP.  The new rules also make it easier for the Education Department to crack down on  deceptive advertising and marketing. The most controversial proposal –a “gainful employment” rule that […]


Scary science

Scary science, a series of experiments with a Halloween twist, was the theme this week at Front Range Community College, reports The Coloradan. Here, Julie Collett, a chemistry and science teacher, holds up a pumpkin that is spewing a soap mixture using hydrogen peroxide, dish detergent and potassium iodide. V. Richard Haro


Two-year colleges raise tuition by 6%

College tuition is rising, but so is financial aid, according to “Trends in College Pricing 2010” and “Trends in Student Aid 2010” by the College Board’s Advocacy and Policy Center. * In-state, public four-year institutions: $7,605, a jump of $555 from the previous year, or just under 8 percent. * Private nonprofit four-year colleges and […]


Students need to know what college demands

It’s time to bridge the divide between K-12 education and community colleges, writes WestEd researcher Thad Nodine on HigherEd Watch. Many students waste their high school years taking easy classes, not realizing they won’t be prepared for community college classes.  An estimated 75 percent of incoming community college students are required to take remedial courses […]


More degrees? CCs don’t have the money

With more students and fewer dollars, community colleges are struggling to maintain open access, concludes a survey of community college directors released this week by the Education Policy Center at the University of Alabama. That will affect the president’s ambitious plans to expand the number of  Americans with college degrees. From the Chronicle of Higher […]


Early college for all

In a low-income, all-Hispanic district in Texas, early college is the norm for all students, reports Thad Nodine of Jobs for the Future in College Success for All. More than 95 percent of students in the class of 2010 in Hidalgo Independent School District graduated with college credits. Two-thirds of graduating seniors had earned a […]


The South needs educated workers

The South needs college-educated citizens to fill high-skill jobs, concludes a new MDC report, The State of the South 2010, Talent and Skill: Antidotes to Uncertainty. B 2018, 49 to 64 percent of  jobs in the region will require some college, the report predicts. Currently only 30 to 44 percent of adults hold postsecondary degrees.  […]


CCs move to differential tuition rates

Breaking with tradition, more community colleges plan to charge more for career and technology programs that cost more to deliver, reports Inside Higher Ed. At Pima Community College in Tucson, demand is high for health sciences and engineering programs which require a low student-teacher ratios and costly lab equipment. Chancellor Roy Flores wants to phase […]


Measuring success at two-year colleges

Nobody’s satisfied with the way student success is measured by the federal government. Only full-time students who earn a degree at the same institution where they start count as graduates. That’s very misleading for two-year colleges. But that’s likely to change, reports Inside Higher Education. The U.S. Department of Education’s Committee on Measures of Student […]


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