February 2011

NBC highlights manufacturing classes

Joe Snyder takes a night class at Gateway Community and Technical College‘s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Kentucky, while building machine tools as an intern at Cincinnati MAG. He’ll be featured on tonight’s NBC News in a segment hosted by Tom Brokaw on the skills needed for 21st-century manufacturing jobs. “People with the right skills can […]


Single Stop wins innovation grant

Single Stop USA will use a $1.1 million Social Innovation Fund grant, channeled through New Profit, to help more  low-income community college students overcome financial barriers to stay in school. Nearly half of community college students drop out every year, yet $65 billion in government aid goes  unclaimed, says Single Stop’s CEO Elisabeth Mason. Single […]


New ways to build skills, careers

We must “re-think, re-design and re-connect” career education, argues “New Approaches to Acquiring Skills and Building Careers in a 21st Century Global Job Market” by Mitch Rosin, editorial director at McGraw-Hill Education, and Barbara Bolin, president of the National Organization for Career Credentialing. The stigma against vocational education has lead to a 70 percent decrease in […]


Duncan, Solis to attend CC summit

As part of the regional Community College Summit in Philadelphia today, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will tour the 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund’s Learning Center, a labor-management partnership that trains health workers, and participate in a town hall forum at the Community College of Philadelphia. The summit, which […]


Educating the plumbers of tomorrow

Our schools “keep pushing the college-for-all mentality,” while ignoring students who’d excel as skilled trades workers, writes Michael Mazenko, a high school English teacher, in the Denver Post.  Students need experiential learning as well as academics, he argues. Despite Harvard’s Pathways to Prosperity report, which calls for offering career education options in high school, educators […]


Training or educating?

Community colleges try to meet employers’ needs for workers, since many students are eager to fill entry-level jobs, writes Community College Dean. But there’s a difference between “foot-in-the-door skills” and “promotion and career” skills. When he worked at a for-profit university, employers said that “at as long as students had a basic set of technical […]


Closing the graduation gap

Universities brag about recruiting minority students, but what about graduating them? The college graduation gap for blacks and Hispanics is disturbing, reports Education Trust. At private institutions, 73.4 percent of white students earned their degrees within six years, while only 54.7 percent of black students and 62.9 percent of Hispanic students made it through the […]


Tracking minority male success

Minority males’ graduation rates are very low, but community colleges are trying to improve the odds. The Minority Male Student Success Database provides information on what’s working to improve success rates for black and Hispanic male students at community colleges, reports Community College Times. Forty-one North Carolina community colleges are part of the Minority Male Mentoring […]


CCs recruit minority STEM students

Community colleges are trying to boost the number of minority students who complete STEM degrees, reports Community College Week. In Michigan, nine community colleges — Grand Rapids Community College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kellogg Community College, Lake Michigan College, Lansing Community College, Macomb Community College, Muskegon Community College, Washtenaw Community College and Wayne County Community […]


How to do the $10,000 degree

A $10,000 bachelor’s degree is a realistic goal, writes Publius Audax, a humanities professor at a Texas university, on Pajamas Media. Gov. Rick Perry wants state universities to offer a low-cost path to a degree. Texas should pick 25 of the most important and popular majors and design three-year bachelor’s programs, Audax proposes. Then the […]


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