July 2011

‘Community’ casts Goodman, ‘Omar’

Community, the popular TV comedy set in a fictional community college, will add John Goodman and Michael K. Williams to the cast for several episodes in the third season. Goodman will play the vice dean of air conditioning repair, the college’s premier program. Williams, who played drug-dealer Omar on The Wire (and a bootlegger on […]


Job growth is in low-wage fields

Since the recession’s end, most new jobs are in lower-wage, lower-skill occupations such as cashier, shelf stocker or food preparation worker, according to The Good Jobs Deficit (pdf), a National Employment Law Project report. Sixty percent of jobs lost in the recession were in middle-wage occupations, while 73 percent of jobs added in the weak […]


Pell Grants may be safe — for 2 years

Pell Grant funding will continue for two years under debt-ceiling proposals by both Republican John Boehner and Democrat Harry Reid. Both congressional leaders propose cutting the interest subsidy on Stafford loans to graduate students to fund Pell, notes Higher Ed Watch. But the future is murky. As Ed Money Watch reported last week, any proposal […]


Illinois uses aid to encourage transfers

To encourage community college transfers, Illinois will use student aid as a reward.  Community college students don’t use much state aid because the tuition is so low. The state will let transfers use the unclaimed aid to help pay for two years at a higher-priced state university. The idea gets two cheers from Community College […]


Few women athletes at two-year colleges

Despite federal rules mandating gender equality in college sports, women athletes find fewer opportunities to compete at many community colleges, reports the New York Times.  “Many community colleges offer an array of options for men but just a single team for women.” At Los Angeles Southwest College, which used bond money to build a new […]


Degree doesn’t help illegal immigrants

Even if they earn a college degree, young undocumented immigrants end up in the same jobs as their parents, concludes a University of Chicago survey, which focused on young adults who came from Mexico before the age of 12. Without legal immigration status, they typically work in construction, restaurants, cleaning and child care services, says […]


Funeral services: a career with a future

Washington state’s first funeral services education program graduated its first class at Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland, reports the Seattle Times. Students learn business aspects of running a funeral home, the psychology of dealing with grieving family members and the science of embalming. They also learn restorative art. They may be faced with restoring […]


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Higher education sure looks like a bubble, writes Mark J. Perry on The Enterprise Blog.


Most new jobs require no degree

Do we need more college graduates? asks Andrew Gillen. Eight of 10 “fastest growing occupations” require at least a bachelor’s degree. But the “occupations with the largest job growth” chart tells a different story:  Only 4 of the 10 jobs with the largest numerical growth  require any postsecondary education; these numbers swamp the numbers in […]


Five myths of remedial ed

Five Myths of Remedial Ed “hinder our pursuit of college success,” argue Jane V. Wellman of the Delta Project on Postsecondary Costs, Productivity and Accountability and Bruce Vandal, who directs Getting Past Go for the Education Commission of the States in Inside Higher Ed. According to Wellman and Vandal, the myths are: remedial education is […]


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