October 2011

Report: Focus on motivated students

California community colleges, which raised tuition by a whopping 37 percent this year, continue to struggle with declining state revenues and rising student demand.  Nearly half of students can’t get the classes they need. Meanwhile, completion rates are so low that the cost per degree or certificate completed is 40 percent higher than the national […]


College 101: financial literacy

As college tuition rises, high schools and colleges are trying to teach financial literacy, reports Ed Week. Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Virginia requires all would-be borrowers to complete a current budget showing income and expenses and a future budget, including expected earnings, showing how they’ll repay the loan. Reason Chandler looked up his potential […]


Know Before You Owe for college

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking feedback on a Know Before You Owe site for student loans. Before students borrow, they should understand the costs and risks of the loans they will use to help pay for the school of their choice. Financial aid offers can be difficult to understand and compare. The Department […]


Colleges to post ‘net price calculators’

Starting today, all colleges and universities receiving federal aid must post a net-price calculator on their web sites. Prospective students can plug in family income and other details, such as how many kids in college, to estimate the cost of tuition, books and living expenses minus grants. The sticker price of college is rising quickly, […]


U.S. trails in degrees, while Korea overdoes it

The U.S. trails much of the developed world in young adults with college degrees, a key measure of global competitiveness, reports the Washington Post. South Korea’s younger generation is soaring ahead. However, “South Korea’s government has decided that too many people are going to college, writes Fred Hiatt in the Post. More than 40 percent […]


Unready at CUNY

Graduating from a New York City public high school — even with good grades — is no guarantee of college readiness, reports Michael Winerip in the New York Times.  Seventy-four percent who enroll in City University of New York’s community colleges require remediation in at least one subject and 22.6 percent need remedial reading and writing […]


Obama’s loan plan will boost tuition, debt

President Obama’s student loan repayment plan encourages students to take on more debt and lets colleges keep raising tuition, writes Peter Schiff on Business Insider. The taxpayers will get the bill. The move will come as a great relief to an education establishment increasingly concerned that students might no longer be able to afford skyrocketing […]


College tuition goes up, up, up

Rising tuition at public universities and community colleges drove up college costs in 2011, College Board reports in its annual trends survey.  Pushed by big fee hikes in California, community college tuition rose by 8.7 percent nationally, while public universities raised tuition by 8.3 percent. Public options remain much cheaper than private higher education:  State […]


Coalition lobbies to ‘save student aid’

The Student Aid Alliance is seeking signatures for a statement of support for student loans and grants, fearing the deficit-reduction committee will cut the fast-growing Pell Grant program. The statement declares: Our nation sorely needs to power up its economic engine. Work force projections show that by 2018, there will be jobs for as many […]


Ron Paul: End federal student loans

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul proposes ending the federal student loan program, which has lured students into $1 trillion in debt and enabled colleges to keep raising tuition. “Just think of all this willingness to want to help every student get a college education,” said Paul, who graduated from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania before earning […]


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