December 2011

CC trains dealers for new casino

Ninety percent of students passed blackjack dealer training at Owens Community College and have gone on to craps training at the new Hollywood Casino near Toledo, Ohio. The college partnered with the casino, which is expected to create 600 jobs.


Hess: Edu-stories for 2012

President Obama’s re-election campaign will promote Race to the Top and college affordability to woo suburban swing voters, predicts Rick Hess in Ten Edu-Stories We’ll Be Reading in 2012. The Republican nominee will stop attacking the Education Department and talk up education reform to appeal to moderates, he adds. For-profit college entrepreneurs will look to expand […]


Top community college stories of 2011

“For elevating the discussion of community colleges from access to success,” the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence — awarded to Valencia College in Florida – leads Community College Week’s top 10 community college stories of 2011. Also on the list: job training, budget woes, uneven progress on completion goals, Pell Grants under pressure, new […]


‘Early Start’ is too little, too late, say profs

Overwhelmed with remedial students, California’s second-tier state university system will require a 15-hour  “Early Start” summer class for new students who aren’t prepared for college-level classes. California State University professors think it’s too little, too late, reports the San Jose Mercury News. “I’m not at all optimistic that it’s going to help,” said Sally Murphy, a […]


Free e-books may be a bad deal

Free e-books may not be a good deal for tech-poor community college students, writes Dean Dad. Textbook costs are a real issue for students at many community colleges. For the intro to biology sequence, for example, the textbook and lab manual combine to cost over three hundred dollars. That’s pretty close to the tuition and […]


Self-paced math labs replace lectures

Self-paced math labs have replaced remedial math classes at Maryland’s Montgomery College, reports Inside Higher Ed. In the “emporium” model, students work on math software that tracks their progress, allowing them to move on when they’ve achieved mastery of a concept. Instructors provide help online and in the lab, serving more as tutors than lecturers. […]


‘Open’ classes build confidence, success

Britain’s Open University, which offers free online Open Learn classes to all comers, is being imported to the U.S. to help “ill-prepared, self-conscious” students adapt to college work, according to the Hechinger Report. Students placed into low-level reading, writing or math — especially math — rarely succeed, researchers have found. Most give up. “You take […]


Should ‘success class’ be required?

California may require low-skilled community college students to take a “success course” that teaches study skills and “college knowledge” reports EdSource Extra. The California Community College’s Student Success Task Force recommended non-credit student success courses as a strategy to improve graduation rates, but didn’t specify whether the classes should be recommended or required. Many community colleges already offer […]


CCs aren’t just for job training

Even in a recession, community colleges aren’t just for job training, writes Walt Gardner in Education Week. The academic mission is important too. Chicago will make community colleges the “first choice for high-skill job training” rather than a “last ditch effort for remedial education,” writes Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a Wall Street Journal op-ed […]


Chicago city colleges will be ‘ticket to workforce’

Chicago’s city colleges will work closely with employers to train students for high-demand jobs, said Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a speech to the Economic Club. We need skilled workers to rebuild our infrastructure, we need them to care for the sick; we need them to welcome the millions who visit Chicago each year in our […]


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