April 2012

From combat to college

To protect veterans and service members from aggressive, dishonest college recruiters, President Obama signed an executive order last week requiring a “know before you owe” fact sheet, counseling on how to complete a degree and stronger oversight of improper recruitment practices. Recently Student Veterans of America revoked charters for campus groups at 26 for-profit colleges, charging […]


College heads see privatization as inevitable

Community colleges will rely on tuition, not state and local funding in the future, leaders said at the annual meeting of the American Association of Community Colleges. “My own college behaves much more like a private college these days than a public,” said Stephen M. Curtis, president of the Community College of Philadelphia, reports Inside […]


The Credential Differential

The U.S. is falling behind the developed world in producing college graduates argues The Credential Differential. The CLASP report calls for investing more in higher education. . . . even in these tough economic times when there are difficult fiscal decisions to be made, increasing credential attainment pays off for individuals, families, communities, states and the country. […]


Computer lab replaces math class

A giant math lab staffed by tutors has replaced entry-level math classes taught by professors at Virginia Tech, reports the Washington Post. The model is spreading to other universities and to community colleges. Students can take self-paced lessons online in their dorm rooms or come to the Math Emporium, where placing a red cup on […]


College isn’t for everyone

College isn’t for everyone, writes Richard Vedder in Businessweek. As a general rule, I would say graduates in the top quarter of their class at a high-quality high school should go on to a four-year degree program, while those in the bottom quarter of their class at a high school with a mediocre educational reputation […]


States try performance funding

Concerned about low graduation rates at community colleges, a growing number of states are experimenting with performance-based funding models, writes Richard Kazis on the Jobs for the Future blog. Dubbed “Performance Funding 2.0” because they are trying to improve upon the limited success of higher education performance funding models of earlier periods, these new models […]


Report: College pays for taxpayers

California reaps $4.50 in benefits — higher taxes and less social welfare spending — for every $1 invested in the state’s universities, concludes California’s Economic Payoff: Investing in College Access & Completion, a Berkeley report for The Campaign for College Opportunity. The study did not look at the state’s investment in community colleges. The return for college graduates […]


Charges dropped in ice-theft case

“Cooler heads have prevailed in a dispute over a cup of ice taken from a New Jersey college cafeteria,” as AP puts it. Disorderly conduct charges have been dropped against Cedric Calero, an 18-year-old freshman at Brookdale Community College, who took a cup of ice without payment. Calero says he didn’t realize he was supposed […]


Elite colleges recruit community college transfers

As elite colleges try to boost diversity, more community college students are transferring to selective four-year institutions, reports the New York Times. At the end of his first year at the Community College of Philadelphia, Christopher Thomas decided that his goal — to go back to school and get a degree — was no longer […]


New success measures are better, but flawed

The U.S. Education Department’s plan to include part-time and transfer students in community college success rates is a major step forward, writes Thomas Bailey, who chaired the Committee on the Measure of Student Success and directs the Community College Research Center at Teachers College, Columbia. However, the new measures still won’t answer important questions about […]


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