January 2013

High schools may pay for college remediation

When high school graduates need remedial classes in college, who pays? Mississippi and Maine may hold school districts responsible for the costs of teaching basic skills in community colleges, notes the Hechinger Report. In Mississippi, more than 40 percent of community college students need remediation. Fifty percent take developmental classes at Maine community colleges. New Hampshire, Missouri, […]


AACC: Community colleges pay off

Community colleges “launch” students, “relaunch” workers who need new skills and strengthen local economies, concludes a policy brief by the American Association of Community Colleges. Yet community colleges receive 20 percent of state funding for higher education, despite serving 43 percent of undergraduates. In the  last decade, as states have cut higher education funding, community […]


Student cleared in Lone Star College shooting

Charges have been dropped against Carlton Berry, 22, who was accused of shooting two people at Lone Star College in Houston. Another student, Trey Foster, has been charged with the shooting. Berry wants an apology from Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. “All I know is, I’m a good person. I don’t run in gangs, I’m […]


CED: Replace Pell with matching grants

Pell Grants should be replaced with a single federal-state matching grant, recommends the Committee for Economic Development in A New Partnership: The Road to Reshaping Federal & State Financial Aid. Cut higher ed tax credits to save $18.2 billion for student aid that expands access, the report also urges. Income-based repayment of student loans should […]


New America: Redesign college aid

A “more understandable effective and fair” student aid system doesn’t need to cost taxpayers more money, concludes a New America Foundation report, Rebalancing Resources and Incentives in Federal Student Aid. The study was funded by the Gates Foundation’s Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery project. To eliminate any future “funding cliffs,” Pell Grant funding should be guaranteed, turning it […]


SF college uses ‘trombone clause’ to cut pay

City College of San Francisco is cutting faculty and staff salaries without negotiations to save $5 million, citing what’s known as the Trombone Clause, reports NBC News. “The Trombone Clause says that in good times, when we have good budgets from the state and better economics, we can share that largess with our employees,” said […]


Too many college graduates?

A growing number of college graduates are underemployed, concludes a new study from the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. About 48 percent of employed U.S. college graduates are in jobs that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests requires less than a four-year college education. Eleven percent of employed college graduates are in occupations […]


Measure learning, not seat time

It’s time to “boldly go” beyond the credit hour, writes Allen Goben, president of Heartland Community College in Illinois. In a series of meetings, Goben asked faculty, continuing education professionals and education, business and industry leaders to imagine starting a higher education system from scratch. They suggested replacing credit hours with assessment of learning outcomes. Students […]


Is it time to dump credit hours?

“Time-based units were never intended to be a measure of student learning,” writes Amy Laitenen of New America Foundation in The Curious Birth and Harmful Legacy of the Credit Hour. “If credit hours truly reflected a standardized unit of learning,” students wouldn’t have so much trouble transferring credits from one college to another, she writes in […]


Educated but jobless in China

China has quadrupled the number of community college and university graduates in the last decade, but many are unemployed or underemployed because they refuse to take low-status factory jobs, reports the New York Times. In the U.S., employment rises with education. In Chinese cities,  young college graduates are four times as likely to be unemployed […]


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