Denver remediates collegebound grads

More than 60 percent of Denver Public Schools graduates require remedial courses in college. Now Denver is providing free remedial math and English classes over the summer for collegebound graduates, reports the Denver Post.

Community College of Denver and Western Colorado Community College instructors will teach the courses at DPS schools.

The summer courses will cost DPS about $50,700. District officials said the program could save students and the state money in the long run.

KayLynn McAbee earned a 3.1 grade-point average in high school and was admitted to the University of Colorado-Pueblo. But she did poorly on placement tests. She signed up for summer remediation.

“I knew that if I took these classes that I would be better prepared for college, prepared to take on the workload and most likely finish college in four years, instead of the five years it would take if I had to take remedial classes,” McAbee said.

Students who get a C or higher during the summer won’t have the repeat the course at a Colorado university.

It’s sad that a B student isn’t prepared for college work.

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Actually it’s not sad that she isn’t prepared for college level coursework with a GPA of 3.1 (probably due to grade inflation), it is insane that she was actually admitted in the first place.

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