‘Dual’ students learn IT skills

A Florida magnet school is graduating students with information technology certificates and college credits, reports U.S. News. Crooms Academy of Information Technology offers college-level courses in computer networking, software programming, and web design, earning Crooms the title of Most Connected Classroom in U.S. News‘s inaugural ranking of tech-focused high schools.

Crooms offers 16 courses developed at Seminole State College,using the same materials, books, and assignments.

Not all of Crooms’s students plan to go into the IT field, so the school meshes its technology electives with core classes, such as physics and government, to teach students how to apply their skills across different subject areas. With access to hardware, software, production equipment, and their own school-issued laptops, technology is a constant element of each student’s day.

“I think it makes me more adaptable to whatever situation comes up,” says Shelby Koos, who plans to major in international studies.



POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON December 20, 2011

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