Florida CC hit by diploma scandal

A Florida community college awarded associate degrees to students who hadn’t completed core requirements, reports The News-Press. Edison State College in the Naples and Ft. Myers area has suspended two administrators.

Students were allowed to substitute unrelated electives, such as theater, mythology and photography, for core classes in banking, accounting and management.

Raising graduation rates may have been the motive.

Course substitution forms were filed as late as graduation day in past semesters so students could receive diplomas. Edison’s graduation rate historically has been low, with 8 percent of students completing an associate degree program in two years.

Last month, a report showed Edison had climbed from No. 73 to 49 nationally in the number of associate degrees awarded, and a record number of graduates in 2010-11.

Over a five-year period, 2.5 percent of students were allowed to substitute courses; some may have been legitimate. Most inappropriate substitutions were in accounting, business management, and drafting and design.

Edison State’s accreditation will be reviewed in the fall.


POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON July 17, 2011

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[...] Community College Spotlight: A Florida community college admits awarding associate degrees to students who hadn’t completed core requirements. Some were allowed to substitute electives such as theater, mythology and photography for core [...]

[...] Community College Spotlight: A Florida village college admits awarding associate degrees to students who hadn’t finished core requirements. Some were authorised to surrogate electives such as theater, mythology and photography for core [...]


Every semester I visit a guidance concelor and I take every step seriously . Today, however I have another opinion!
I’m very obset to find out that I’m one of the student candidates to be mislead by Edison State College, I was used to listening people complaining about the school procedures but It didn know it will happened to me as well, I’m majoring in business and I was told that foreing language could part of my electives and Psychology, I took Spanish I and II. Meanwhile, as I aproach to register for graduation I find out everything has change from last semester withouth notice.
I believe I have a right as customer and as a student to be inform of this changes, but instead they cover it up, and that is what impacted the most, what can we do to protect ourself as student of this institution taking the money and expecting more? they should be responsible and allow the mislead student to at least retake the class for free since they made the mistake not the student. What about the time and effort the student put in for I should be compensated for that I’m a mother of two who had to pay baby sitter and pay out of pocket to attend college, that was a serious decision I made but I have being played over again with this school I demand a compensation,
All student should be compensated for theyre greivances,
you may understand my frustration at this point.
Thank you for listenign my pain.

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