Graduates, parents heed college costs

In the New York City suburbs, graduates and their parents are increasingly wary of high college costs, reports the Journal News.

New Rochelle High School graduate Chanelle Cawley considered attending Queens College and The Art Institute of New York.

“It was really expensive, basically, to pay that much money for my freshman year,” said Cawley, 17, who graduated Thursday from New Rochelle. She decided against the more expensive schools and opted to start at Westchester Community College, where she will study Web design.

“It’s a great program to start, and once I do my two years I can just go and transfer to a different school,” she said. “I’m planning on going to The Art Institute.”

These days, Brewster High graduates are more likely to live at home and commute to nearby colleges to save money, says guidance counselor Judy Cleary.

Via Cost of College.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON July 3, 2012

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