Lumina: Americans want affordable higher ed

Americans value higher education, but worry about its cost and quality, concludes a Gallup/Lumina Foundation poll.

“Americans want a more accessible and affordable system of higher education, one that does more to recognize and reward the personal skills, knowledge and abilities that are genuinely valued in the workplace and can be linked to future learning opportunities,” said Jamie P. Merisotis, president of Lumina Foundation.

Only 26 percent of respondents believe the cost of higher education is affordable to anyone who needs it, reported America’s Call for Higher Education Redesign.

Most want to make it easier for adults to earn credentials. Seventy percent of those surveyed favored awarding credit based on mastery of content rather than time in class and 87 percent said students should  receive college credit for knowledge and skills acquired outside of the classroom.

While 76 percent said traditional universities offer high-quality education, that drops to 54 percent for community colleges and 33 percent f0r 0nline colleges and universities.

Nearly everyone — 97 percent — said it is important to have a certificate or degree beyond a high school diploma. Of those who lack a postsecondary credential, 41 percent have considered going back to school in the last year.

Higher education is linked strongly to employment, notes the Chronicle of Higher Education.  “A good job is now what Americans want out of college, not just a degree.”said Brandon Busteed, executive director of Gallup Education.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON February 7, 2013

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