Most new jobs require no degree

Do we need more college graduates? asks Andrew Gillen. Eight of 10 “fastest growing occupations” require at least a bachelor’s degree. But the “occupations with the largest job growth” chart tells a different story:  Only 4 of the 10 jobs with the largest numerical growth  require any postsecondary education; these numbers swamp the numbers in the fastest growing category.

Gillen’s chart looks at the education requirements of the top 30 jobs by growth and number of jobs, using Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

There will be lots of jobs for people without college degrees, but many — take home health-care assistant, for instance — pay poorly.

Many Americans are undereducated, but college credentials won’t fix that, writes George Leef of the Pope Center on the National Association of Scholars blog.

. . . why is it that, despite entreaties from leaders from Obama on down, copious subsidies, and repeated admonitions to students that college will give them a big earnings premium, the college enrollment stats have been flat for some 15 years? I think it’s because lots of marginal students doubt that they will benefit from college. Maybe they’ve heard from friends or family members that many graduates wind up with low-level jobs anyway.

Marginal students probably have friends and family members who’ve tried college but failed to earn a degree.

Cost of College contributes a graph on which industries are gaining and losing jobs and a link to a Wall Street Journal story on what’s hot and what’s not.  Hint: Expect more bartenders with bachelor’s degrees.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON July 27, 2011

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