No money to meet completion goals

States don’t have the money to meet completion goals, say most state community college directors in a survey by University of Alabama’s Education Policy Center.

“Community colleges are the portal of entry into higher education for millions of academically talented minority, low income, first-generation and adult students,” the report said. These student populations are growing relative to those of wealthier, more prepared students, but community colleges lack the money to handle enrollment increases, according to the survey.

President Obama’s campaign to increase the number of college graduates relies on more students starting at community colleges and transferring to state universities, according to Challenging Success: Can College Degree Completion Be Increased as States Cut Budgets? But there’s little room for new students, especially in states with growing minority populations. In 16 states, directors report de facto enrollment caps at community colleges.


POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON December 12, 2011

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