Self-paced math labs replace lectures

Self-paced math labs have replaced remedial math classes at Maryland’s Montgomery College, reports Inside Higher Ed. In the “emporium” model, students work on math software that tracks their progress, allowing them to move on when they’ve achieved mastery of a concept. Instructors provide help online and in the lab, serving more as tutors than lecturers.

Before the switch last year, half of the college’s remedial math students placed into low-level classes. Only 15 percent of low-level students passed a college-level math course within 3.5 years.

Now students are more engaged, professors say. Some students are able to move very quickly through the remedial sequence.  However, it’s too early to tell if more students will move on to pass college-level courses.

“I hate math,” say students in this Montgomery College video. Working at their own pace makes math doable, they say.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON December 28, 2011

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