Shipwright teaches boat building

Cape Fear Community College’s boat-building program launched Mark Bayne’s career building wooden boats. Now 34 years after leaving the North Carolina college, the veteran shipwright is teaching a new generation of boat builders, reports Community College Times.

Now lead instructor in the boat-building program,  Bayne built more than 100 wooden boats, including the 140-foot Spirit of South Carolina in Charleston. He ran his own boat shop in South Carolina.

CFCC’s program is structured much like a working boat shop. Students meet for five hours a day Monday through Friday. Over the course of three semesters, students learn a combination of traditional and contemporary boat-building techniques. The skills students learn can not only help them find jobs in the boat-building industry, but also in related fields, such as cabinet-making and other wood-working.

“The great thing about wooden boat building is that if you can build a wooden boat correctly, you can build anything,” Bayne says.

This semester, students are working to complete a 19-foot Core Sound sharpie and a 20-foot Carolina Spritsail sharpie.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON December 11, 2012

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