Summer classes are back in California

Summer is study time once again at California community colleges, reports the Los Angeles Times. After years of cut backs, two-thirds of the state’s 112 community colleges have added summer classes.

For the first time in three summers, Los Angeles Harbor College bustled last week with the activity of students on the go.

Community college students hoping to speed transfer to four-year schools; UC and Cal State students looking to fulfill lower-division science and math requirements on the cheap; recent high school graduates seeking to jump-start their college education.

An algebra class was packed, and Harbor student Angie Velasquez said she was lucky to get in. Taking the summer class may shave an entire semester from the time it takes for the biology major to transfer to UC or Cal State.

Under pressure to trim long wait lists, many colleges are adding high-demand “bottleneck” courses in the summer term.

Fullerton College is offering 560 classes this summer, compared to 214 classes last year.  Three back-to-back sessions will let students complete a sequence of classes, such as  Economics 101  and 102.

High school graduates have struggled to get the classes they need in recent years. Continuing students have priority for registration.

“The thing we had to think about is how do we open the door for the right-out-of-high-school student, and the best way to do that is to help those continuing students finish so they can move on and have someone take their place,” said Terry Giugni, vice president of instruction at Fullerton.

California community colleges received about $210 million in additional funding in 2012-13 from a temporary increase in the state sales tax and and an income tax hike aimed at the wealthy.

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[…] Summer is study time once again at California community colleges. Thanks to new funding, two-thirds of colleges have added classes to avoid bottlenecks and reduce wait lists. […]

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