The broken promise of college readiness

In repose to the Alliance for Excellent Education’s report on remediation costs, CNN education contributor Steve Perry talks about the broken promise of college readiness.

“The problem is that these students were given the promise when they were given a diploma that said they were in fact prepared for the next level for whatever the rights and privileges that come with receiving a high school diploma.”

One strategy Perry recommends is to bone up on weak subjects in community college before starting a four-year university.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON June 27, 2011

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[...] The broken promise of college readiness. [...]

Miriam K. Freedman

So sad, this story. We can’t do it all–pass everyone in elementary and secondary grades; water down standards; modify standards beyond recognition; get everyone into college.

At last we are looking at what happens to these ill-served students in college. Hopefully, clearer thinking will prevail.

We need to get back to basics at the elementary and secondary grades. Teach the knowledge and skills. Realize that college is not for everyone–some will do much better in life without it. Stop passing kids through just ’cause it looks good. It’s not good.

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