The education gap grows

The education gap is growing, writes David Leonhardt on the New York Times’ Economix Blog.

The recession continues to hit the less educated far worse than college graduates. The unemployment rate for college graduates fell to 4.7 percent last month, from 4.9 percent. The rate for people who have attended college but do not have a bachelor’s degree held steady at 8.3 percent. For high school graduates who never attended college, the rate rose to 10.9 percent, from 10.6 percent. For high school dropouts, the rate rose to 15 percent, from 14.7 percent.

Workers with “some college” or an associate’s degree aren’t doing a lot better than high school-only workers.

The GED does little to improve earnings or college prospects, concludes a University of Chicago analysis because of  “deficits in noncognitive skills such as persistence, motivation and reliability.”

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON June 10, 2010

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