What do transfer students want?

What do transfer students want?  Matt Reed answers a question from a university staffer who wants to help transfers earn a four-year degree.

First, transfers want to get credit for their credits.

Nothing grinds a student’s gears more than being told she has to re-take a class she has already passed — and paid for — elsewhere.  Articulation agreements and transfer blocs are supposed to prevent that, and they help, but the devil is in the details.  Frequently a college will proclaim loudly that it takes all credits, but then relegate a bunch of them to “free elective” status.  “Free elective” status is where credits go to die.  Since very few four-year programs have many “free electives” in them, students wind up having to take (and pay for) far more than they should.

Transfers also want access to scholarships, Reed writes.

Many would appreciate support services to help them handle the transition.

Ten tips for transferring from community college include: Transfer with an associate degree, not just a handful of credits.

Lumina’s 2012 snapshot report shows much higher graduation rates for transfers with an associate degree.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON March 1, 2013

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[…] What do transfer students want? They want to get credits for their credits. Many universities reject credits earned elsewhere, even though students were told the classes would count. That raises costs and  lowers the odds students will complete a degree. […]

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