What’s for lunch? Feeding needy students

Community colleges are providing free food to needy students, reports Community College Times.

At Bellevue College (Washington), the Soup and Tutor Program is funded by sales of college-branded coffee.

“Some of our students can’t afford to get enough to eat every day. This is a simple way for folks to have a healthy lunch and receive help with their studies in a safe, friendly and supportive environment,” said Faisal Jaswal, assistant dean of student programs.

Two days a week, students can get a bowl of soup and tutoring help in English and math.  The college also provides referrals for housing, child care, health services and other assistance.

A number of community colleges have opened food pantries.

Owens Community College (OCC) in Ohio teamed with a local food bank to open two food pantries. OCC hopes to make running the pantries a learning experience for students studying business, marketing, nutrition and sociology.

In Massachusetts, Greenfield Community College (GCC) has opened its pantry to staff, too.

Volunteers opened a food pantry at Valencia College in Florida. Students ask for “portable, instant meals, such as microwaveable cups of ramen noodles or a microwave-safe can of soup, along with snack-sized packs of crackers and cookies,” said volunteer Esperanza Perez.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON April 5, 2012

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