Where workers come from

Community colleges are Where the Workers Come From, according to The Street.

The dizzying increase in college tuition has opened a debate about whether higher education really pays off. What’s not debatable is that many jobs do require specialized training beyond a high school degree. And that training includes technical skills that aren’t taught at Harvard or Yale, such as how to process paperwork at a busy medical practice, or troubleshoot a robotic arm on an automated assembly line.

As many as 1 million jobs are going unfilled for lack of qualified applicants, estimate economists at the New York branch of the Fed.

President Obama proposed an $8 billion Community College to Career Fund in his 2013 budget to held colleges partner with employers on job training, though it’s not clear the funding will get through Congress.

Community Colleges Offer Cheaper Alternative to Grad School, suggests U.S. News. I think the idea is that four-year graduates who need to switch careers can learn new skills at a community college, rather than investing time and money for a graduate degree.  It’s not an uncommon strategy for people with bachelor’s degrees in Canada.

POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs ON March 28, 2012

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