Corinthian charged with lying about job success

Corinthian Colleges lied to students and investors about its job placement rate, according to a lawsuit filed by California Attorney General Kamala Harris. The company “targeted some of our state’s most particularly vulnerable people — including low-income, single mothers and veterans returning from combat,” Harris charged.

Corinthian is one of the largest for-profit college operators in California, notes the Bay Area News Group. 

Two of Corinthian’s schools — Everest College campuses in Hayward and San Francisco — went so far as to pay a temporary agency to hire graduates for two days to boost job placement numbers, the suit alleges. Others double-counted gainfully employed grads or fabricated them altogether, it says.

. . . Corinthian responded in a statement that it was proud of the education at its colleges and that it has “robust processes in place to correctly record and disclose the job placement information we receive from our graduates and their employers.

According to the lawsuit, the Department of Justice discovered internal documents in which Corinthian describes its target demographic as “isolated,” “impatient” individuals with “low self-esteem” who have “few people in their lives who care about them” and who are “stuck” and “unable to see and plan well for the future.”

Vada Pinson earned an associate degree in business administration at Heald College in Hayward. He’s still trying to pay off  $30,000 in loans, he told the Bay Area News Group. The degree didn’t help, Pinson says. Heald promised to help him find a job but didn’t call with a single job referral.