EMTs train under (paintball) fire

To learn how to provide medical care under fire, San Jacinto College Emergency Medical Technology students crawled on to a simulated barrlefield and dodged paintball pellets while applying torniquets to “wounded comrades.”

 In the scenario, each student tactical team had a designated “wounded” member. Their objective was to move the casualty while under (paintball) fire to a protected area, and then provide medical care for the patient, and finally to move the patient out of the danger zone.

Ali Shah,an EMT instructor at the Houston college and a U.S. Army veteran, said the goal was to provide true-to-life training.  Students had to work together in a high-stress environment.

After the paintball exercise, Edward Hines decided to pursue tactical EMT work. “It’s exciting. I love it.” After earning his EMT degree, he plans to enlist in the Army as a combat medic.