High costs for high dropout rate

Fifty-one percent of New York City’s community college students drop out, concludes a new report by the Center for an Urban Future. Six years after enrollment, only 20 percent have completed an associate degree and 8 percent a bachelor’s degree. Twelve percent have transferred, but haven’t earned a degree and aren’t likely to do so. Another nine percent are still enrolled.

The cost per community college dropout is $17,700 in federal and state financial aid and in city and state funding for the community college system, the report estimates.

Enrollment increased by 43 percent in the past decade.

“Community colleges are probably the most underappreciated part of the education system, and not just in New York,” said Jonathan Bowles, director of Center for an Urban Future.

Nearly four out of five new students requires remedial reading, writing or math — or all three — college officials say.