How to avoid college rip-offs

On 11D, Laura McKenna advises people considering postsecondary education:  “Don’t get an AA degree anywhere but at a super cheap community college . . . live at home, and get a part time job.”

She adds: Don’t get a degree in a profession that doesn’t require a degree. “You don’t need an AA degree in party planning” to be a party planner.

For those going for a bachelor’s degree, don’t borrow more than $15,000, try to finish in four years and “don’t choose a school based on the college atmosphere,” writes McKenna, a former political science professor.

President Obama’s College Scorecard is “a little buggy,” but may help those who can’t spot a rip-off, she writes.

Work for a year before starting college, adds Megan McCardle on The Daily Beast. “You’ll get much more out of the experience, and you won’t need to borrow as much.”

As an English major who went to graduate school, McCardle advises: “Don’t major in English or history.  It’s getting hard to overcome a poor major choice by going to grad school.”

Both warn against investing time and money in low-value master’s degrees and PhDs.