Lumina funds second-chance degree completion

More than 20 percent of working-age adults have “some college,” but no degree. Lumina Foundation will fund a series of projects to give adults a second chance at a degree.

The foundation will provide $14.8 million over four years for 19 large-scale projects to reach 6.6 million adults with some college credits.

“There is growing evidence that adults who have gone to college but not received a degree are looking for a second chance but need the right kind of information and motivation to help them succeed,” says Lumina President/CEO Jamie Merisotis. “This vital work aligns directly with our goal to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees or credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Given demographic trends and attainment rates among young adults, it is highly unlikely that the nation can meet its growing need for college-educated workers only by focusing on recent high school graduates.”

“The U.S. risks an unprecedented shortage of college-educated workers in coming years,” according to Lumina’s recent report, A Stronger Nation through Higher Education (pdf).