Pell Grants for the middle class?

Are Pell Grants aid for the middle class? asks National Journal. Some say budget hawks spared Pell from massive cuts because — unlike welfare, Medicaid or food stamps — the middle class benefits too.

Yet most recipients report a family income under $30,000 a year; the median is $16,300.

Pell Grants are billed falsely as a middle-class benefit so politicians can buy votes, writes Cato‘s Neal McCluskey.

Voters get money they don’t have to repay, even if they graduate and greatly increase their earnings.  As students get more aid, colleges raise tuition.

Pell helps the poor, the rich pay their own way and the middle class goes into debt, writes Greg Richmond of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers.

. . . by thinking of Pell Grants as a benefit for the middle class, members of Congress can pretend that there is a rational system in place for providing and financing higher education in this country. There isn’t.

College graduates from middle-class families “must start their careers with a crippling debt,” he writes.


POSTED BY Joanne Jacobs
ON August 16, 2011

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