Astronauts stay fit thanks to San Jacinto alum

Astronauts stay fit aboard the International Space Station thanks to a treadmill designed by a Boeing team led by Craig Tyer. His career started with an associate degree in design drafting from San Jacinto College in Houston.

“I had great teachers that were willing to invest in me,” said Tyer. “Getting an associate degree allowed me to get my foot in the door which then allowed me to demonstrate my value through hard work.”

Because of low gravity on the space station, astronauts need to exercise to keep their muscles from losing muscle and bone strength.

Architecture students work on library design

Architecture students at Arapahoe Community College must propose design ideas for the renovation of a Denver libary as a semester project, reports the Denver Post.

“I thought it was a great opportunity for the students to come into contact with a real-world client and have those kinds of connections,” said Greg Houston, the students’ architecture professor at Arapahoe Community College.

In addition to connections with the Denver Public Library and Denver-based Humphries Poli Architects, the firm in charge of the renovation designs for the Ross-Barnum branch, the students were also helping to forge an important connection with the University of Colorado Denver, which has recently announced its own architecture degree program.

“It is our hope that we develop an alignment between the community college courses and what they’re offering and what we are wanting this bachelor’s of science to be,” associate professor Phillip Gallegos of CU Denver’s architecture and planning school said.

An Arapahoe graduation, Houston struggled when he transferred to University of Colorado. “I want to make sure that students who apply and are accepted are better prepared,” he told the Post.

ACC students presented their design ideas for the branch library on Nov. 14. “I think there are some things that we can incorporate into the modest renovation we will be doing,” said Susan Kotarba, director of public services for Denver Public Library, who was at the presentation as a judge. “There were really some very exceptional ideas.”