Taking art outdoors — and large

In a neighborhood plagued by graffiti, Community College of Denver students painted a 100-foot mural on an alley wall by Flame Works Auto Body.

The mural shows “your art can be used in a positive way,” said Thomas Garcia, one of the art students. “I think that’s a good message.”

In college at 91

At 91, Graham Witherspoon may be Colorado’s oldest college student. He’s taking oil painting at the Community College of Aurora. The class attracts a number of senior students.

“I’m very happy to have an older person to look up to,” Gene Meyer, 85, said.

. . . “He’s younger than me by a little bit, but he looks a lot older, doesn’t he?” Witherspoon teased. “It’s nice to have an old guy in the class with me, but the younger ones are pretty.”

A World War II Navy veteran, Witherspoon also has taken astronomy and creative writing courses. He plans to keep taking classes till the age of 100.