Affordable, if your time has no value

Even with fee increases, California community colleges are among the cheapest in the nation — if students’ time has no value. Students may wait years to get into the classes they need, reports the Sacramento Bee.

 Now in his third year at Yuba College, a year he once hoped to spend in Chico or Davis, Robert Bond said every student he knows has struggled to get the classes they need.

“My first semester here, no math classes were open, so I couldn’t get a math class,” Bond, 20, lamented on the Yuba campus quad, decked in a sweat shirt and shorts on an unseasonably warm afternoon. “Basically it took me two years until I could get a math class, college-level Math 52. So I’m like way behind.”

As the state struggles with budget deficits, community college funding has been cut: It is now 12 percent below its 2008-09 high-water mark. Colleges have cut classes, despite high demand.

State Chancellor Jack Scott toured a $20 million Yuba College building built with bond funds approved before the recession.

In the sun-splashed foyer, several psychiatric technician students praised their two-year program, though they said they had to wait two or three years to gain entry.

Two to three years to get into a two-year program? That’s a crazy waste of time and time is money.