Iowa college teaches in ‘virtual hospital’

A new “virtual hospital” is helping Hawkeye Community College (Iowa) train health care workers, reports Community College Times.

The new virtual hospital and simulation labs use state-of-the-art technology with realistic computerized full-body manikins, 3D imaging software, a medication management system and a web-based electronic medical records system replicating a medical facility.

Hawkeye’s new labs create a broad range of hospital settings including emergency room, intensive care, labor and delivery, exam rooms and many other patient scenarios. With more than 20 manikins, Hawkeye’s simulation labs have the depth and diversity of manikins covering a lifespan: birthing mom, infant, pediatric and all stages of adulthood.

With 3D body imaging software, BodyViz, students can learn anatomy, examine body tissue and look for diseases.