Who will replace retiring professors?

California community colleges will see a wave of faculty retirements in the next five to 10 years, predicts a study presented at AERA. That could allow adjuncts to move up to much better paid full-time jobs, notes Inside Higher Ed.  Or colleges could save money by replacing retirees with part-time adjuncts.

Adjuncts may be excellent teachers with relevant, real-world experience, writes Eliana Osborn, a part-time adjunct herself.

My friend Jim is a federal attorney by day, adjunct professor in the paralegal department by night. His students are tremendously lucky to have him. He brings real-life experience about what their on-the-job demands will be, is up-to-date on happenings in the legal system, and knows what he wants from a paralegal he hires.

Hard-working adjuncts “handle the toughest classes,” Osborn writes. Being exploitable is not their only characteristic.